Customer feedback

This sweater is literally me! When I first saw this sweater, I had an existential crisis.

Jessica B

This is the sweater for your best friend or yourself when you are tired of answering the question: Why are you still single?

Emma "RealityBites86"

I sized up the sweater to match my party leggings; a perfect fit for comfortable all-nighters!

Esther W

I'm a Luxury – Few Can Afford

Get back to the strange world of '80s fashion with Few Can Afford! Alongside acid washed jeans, hairspray, parachute pants one of the biggest trend was colourful sweaters with bold prints.

As you can image, this Few Can Afford sweater will bring you all the public attention you so well deserve :-) Just imagine all the crazy things you will experience, remember and forget in this knitwear. Perfect for TV nights, hanging out with friends as well as club nights. This is the clothing for independent people with a cheeky personality who know their worth.

Get a I'm a luxury few can afford for yourself or friends for birthdays, your loved on a Valentine's day, as graduation present or everyday retro clothes for everyone with a fascination for 1980's vintage clothing. Just look in the mirror and safely say "Yup, that's me".